The Ya Batho YNSIGHT™ reporting platform is a software solution turning raw RTLS data into usable information for management. Using YNSIGHT™ with its easy-to-use interface will enable the end user to create reports for events such as tip counts at tipping areas, monitor Refuge Bay access and capacities in the event of emergencies.

Ya Batho Network Monitoring System (YNMS)

The Ya Batho Network Monitoring System (YNMS) is a powerful monitoring tool that can be used to verify network uptime and availability. Manage and configure your complete network from one central place. Complete Access Point control from a software controller makes managing the Ya Batho M-Cube Network a breeze.

Vehicle Management System

The Ya Batho Vehicle Management system is a software platform to record and store vehicle movements such as GPS locations. The system can be used to monitor vehicle usage such as over speeding, incorrect routes travelled, unauthorised stoppages etc. Integrating the onboard cameras and Fatigue Monitoring your fleet can be monitored anywhere, anytime. The system even allows two-way communications via the operator and a control room using build in microphones in some of the cameras.