Mining still remains largely dangerous and the ability to communicate is vital to improving miners safety and increasing operational efficiency. Ya Batho’s range of Wireless Access Points, Real Time Location System (RTLS), Phones, Tablets, Cameras and Touchscreens are designed to the highest standards for use in hazardous underground conditions with the smallest form factor in the industry.


Dashboard software in an information management tool that tracks, gathers, and displays production and machine health as well as location data in an interactive and customisable visualisation that enable users to have YNSIGHT™ of their mining operations in real time.


It is safety critical that different technologies do not interfere with each other and with mines making use of several OEM’s and technologies ranging from tele-remote, fleet monitoring, proximity detection / collision avoidance and environmental monitoring to name a few, it is imperative that the mine knows what the RF-signal of each piece of technology is doing. Due to the number of different technologies, wireless signals can be negatively affected. Ya Batho offers an unbiased site survey that tests and verifies signal propagation of existing wireless technology and the ability to integrate with other technologies.